Leo Fleischman
Leo Fleischman

Leo G Fleischman II

   By day I am professional sales rep for the last 12 years and in my off hours I work at Art Work by Memphis.  I have been doing many different styles of art for over 40 years. Most of my work now, consists of wood burning, treasure boxes, and furniture making.  I try to take my many years of experience and turn them into beautiful personal creations. I always take time for the mental prep to start a new piece of work.  Most pieces of art have 20 to 60 hours in them from prep to finish. I am self-trained with many trials to create the quality pieces. Nothing more in life gives me pleasure as when I am working on a new project and seeing how it turns out. 

I was born in Wisconsin and have lived most of my life in the Fond du Lac and Oshkosh areas. I have always loved working outdoors and with my hands. I was a general contractor for 17 years and designed over 100 homes which I always felt is another art form. I am father of two and grandpa of five and have a wonderful wife who supports me with the time to bring all these creations to life. She is my biggest supporter and also my biggest critic to keep me producing nothing but quality work.  I spend time out and about on my motorcycle taking in new experience’s to bring to life someday. Often as I slide down the highways and byways of Wisconsin a new idea will pop into my head that is just dying to be created.

As you will see all the art work is signed Memphis which is my alter ego in the art world and each piece is named with a special theme which comes from a deep feeling from my spirit when I created it. 

Thank you for spending a little time and I hope you can feel the feel that I have when I create it. 

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